20 years of experience
in the manufacture of paper spools and coils
high-tech production capacities
Short term
when making any order
High quality
competitive prices

Tempo El Ltd. 

Tempo El Ltd. has 20 years of experience in the production of paper spools, coils

TEMPO-EL is specialized in the production of cylindrical paper spools (tubes) and paper corners used for strengthening of palletized products. The company offers a wide range of types of spools and angles. And we also offer pulping of paper and cardboard (flutting) with different weight, width and diameter of the coils. Offers paper spools and packages of sizes of your choice.

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Paper spools, corners and coils from Tempo EL


+ 359 32 962 980


Georgi Tringov Str. 11; Plovdiv, 4003;



Work time

Monday-Friday: 8.00 to 16.30


CREATIVE IDEAS Articles made of paper spools having a non-standard application. ART APPLICATIONS Spoilers, which were used as an info for the Night of Museums and Galleries - Plovdiv.