What are paper spools or paper tubes?

TEMPO-EL Ltd. produces paper spools from F12mm to F400mm with thickness and length at the customer’s request and with the possibility of additional size formatting.

Paper sleeves / spools or so-called bushings or coils are in the form of a tubular body of cardboard and a special blend of adhesives. Their most distinctive feature and advantage is that they can withstand a weight that many times exceeds their own. This is due to the glue mixtures, which help the stiffness of the spools and the way they are made, namely by spiral winding technology.

paper spools or paper tubes
paper spools or paper tubes

What are the most commonly used paper tubes?

Paper spools and cardboard tubes are used to coil different rolls such as paper and cardboard most commonly for fabrics and technical tapes. They can also be used in construction for shuttering pillars. TEMPO-EL Ltd offers paper spools and packages of sizes of your choice:

– for the textile industry

– the production of stretch film

– for rolls of cash registers

– the food industry

production of paper spools for tape

– paper tubes with aluminum foil and others.

Which are the most common sizes?

To order paper spools there are several important parameters: outside diameter, inside diameter (wall thickness), length and endurance. These spool sizes may vary depending on their application. We have different internal spool diameters from F12mm to F400mm.

paper spools or paper tubes